About us

Our main goal is to help others and provide quality assistance to students from all parts of the globe. That is why we have launched the website in 2008 and since then have been called the leading online academic provider a countless number of times.

We strive not only to complete the tasks for you but also to help you improve your grades and get a deeper knowledge of the subject.

How we hire

It is quite difficult to become a part of our team, as we don’t hire those, who are not able to prove their skills and expertise.Before being hired writers need to complete various tests and prove that they can deal with tight schedules and complex assignments.

What the writer needs to complete:
  • 1. Language proficiency test.

    It was designed specifically for academic services, so we have a chance to check whether the writer has academic skills and an outstanding knowledge of English.

  • 2. Writing test.

    Once the writer completes the language test, we ask him to write an essay or any other written assignment during a certain period of time. This test helps us to evaluate whether the writer is able to follow the instructions, cover a certain topic and deliver the paper before the deadline.

  • 3. Being hired.

    If two of these tests are completed successfully, we grant the writer with access to active orders. However, our Quality Assurance checks every essay thoroughly to make sure it contains no mistakes.

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